Jumat, 30 Mei 2008

Saguaro Giant Cactus

Arizona is a very very hot state. Peole use to joke if you put an egg on an Arizona street, it will be cooked in a minute, well done! However this extreme climate is fine for saguaros, giant cactii which we can find grow
everywhere around Arizona. The special thing about this cactus of course its size, it is really big. The other unique thing is, like fingerprint, no saguaro shapes the same as others, they are all different, they are all have their own figures! Every one who visit Arizona never misses the oportunity to take pictures with them, nor us. Photos shown in this post prove that. I stood near a suguaro in front of a mall in Arizona. Papi Owe and his bike took action with a saguaro groving around ASU. Mbahkung posed with another saguaro in Ghost Town, and Yangkung did the same thing still in Ghost Town, but different time time and event. Saguaro..when I meet you all again?

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